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Shopping Local? Eating Local? MARKET Local!

  • Keep your marketing money circulating within our community.  
  • eSS&SC is the only magazine in SE Massachusetts devoted exclusively to the food scene in our community––and the people who make, cook, or grow it. 
  • Tidings sign upReaders LOVE us! (click the link to hear for yourself.) They trust us and all the information within our pages – editorial, recipes, AND advertisements.
  • Your ad will stand out in a beautiful publication that our readers love, save, and reference over-and-over.
  • You will help support our local food community and educate our readers on the importance of the buy-local movement.
  • You’ll support editorial integrity––our ads and editorial are two separate and distinct departments––one does not influence the other.
  • You’ll be part of the most cost-effective, laser targeted advertising opportunity in the region:
    • Limited number of ads
    • We cover all of Plymouth and Bristol counties
    • Controlled distribution–only people that want eSS&SC get eSS&SC, we don’t leave piles on business doorsteps.
    • 15-20,000 copies each season go to your neighbors and nearby communities and they get snapped up fast (that’s up to 80,000 readers per issue, based on the Edible Communities survey pass-on rate of 3.5 readers per copy).
  • All advertisements include free listings here.
  • We talk about and promote our enthusiastic advertisers ALL THE TIME!

OUR TREAT: We are open to creative ways of working together. We can turn sponsorships, trade, and promotions into reader offers and other unique opportunites. Contact us with your ideas and start growing your business today. 

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ads due: January 8

The following schedule is tentative and may be adjusted as the economy reacts to Covid-19.

ads due: June 15

ads due: August 8


ads dues: Oct 8

Be seen in eSS&SC and align with the Buy Local movement!

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