Laurie Hepworth and Michael HartLaurie Hepworth and Michael Hart.

After discovering her first copy of an edible publication in her mid-forties (edible Phoenix – in case you are wondering), Laurie Hepworth finally realized what she wanted to be when she grew up – the publisher of a magazine focusing on local foods within her own communities of Southeastern Massachusetts.

As a lifelong foodie, the previous owner of an independent bookstore, and a native Hanoverian; together with, Michael Hart, her longtime life-partner and award-winning artist, all of her loves came together. With Michael’s creative abilities and willingness to explore and sample strange and wonderful foods, they started traversing the South Shore and South Coast in search of the stories that define their native homeland; a long-overdue journey exploring the wonder in their own backyards.

We appreciate you joining us on this journey and hope you enjoy yourselves. Thank you for visiting and for your love of local food.


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Our Local Food Hero: Laurie Hepworth(Publisher and Editor of edible South Shore & South Coast Magazine)

Pam Denholm, South Shore Organics, and Laurie Hepworth, edible South Shore & South Coast.

Pam Denholm, South Shore Organics, and Laurie Hepworth, edible South Shore & South Coast.

We are always featuring articles on latest developments from field-to-table and profiling different growers and artisans, but there is an unsung hero among us who has created a place for all things local to gather on the South Shore and on the South Coast of Massachusetts. Thanks to her, her supportive partner who is also a talented photographer, and her team of passionate writers, anyone who loves local food has a ‘go-to’ publication that captures our food community and culture, and also acts as an affordable ‘soapbox’ for many small businesses.  We thought you would like to know a little more about the woman behind the magazine, and here she is…

What led you to decide to start a food-focused publication on the South Shore?
It’s really quite simple: I really enjoy food. And I have a soft spot in my heart for local independent businesses.  

What work experiences have you had prior to this?
I grew up in my family’s bookstore. We owned the Paperback Booksmith in the Hanover Mall for over 30 years. My first job was rubbish removal at age 9. 

How many people work on the magazine?
Well, that’s an interesting question. I’ve never totaled it up. Including volunteers and writers, I’d estimate somewhere between 20 to 30.

What is a typical workday like?
Fortunately, a lot of eSS&SC work is computer based so I squeeze it in when I have time before and after my day job. I love it when my whole day can be devoted to eSS&SC though. Distribution days are my favorite, we visit all our advertisers and get to say hello in person. That’s very rewarding.

Are you ever in need of casual writers who love food and are interested in contributing to the magazine?
We always encourage our readers to submit ideas. Our best articles are by writers passionate about the subject they are exploring. If anyone has any article ideas please send them our way, even if they don’t want to write it – we can usually match the topic with an interested writer.

Food is becoming a controversial topic with growing concern about the ingredients, sourcing, and chemicals used in production – what are your personal philosophies?
I’m a locavore. I like to know where my food comes from. There is so much information out there about food sources it really hard to keep up with it, and I try – it’s my business and passion. I enjoy my food best when I know who made it or grew it. Somehow it enhances the meal and makes it more satisfying.

What do you love about what you do?
I love working with Michael Hart (my longtime boyfriend) on something that so many folks really enjoy. A reader recently told me she “adores eSS”. I love that something we’ve created is adored. I love that what she really adores is reading about local food. Me too!

As a local food pioneer, what goals do you have for your magazine?
Our goal is that eSS&SC – the printed magazine, website, blog, Facebook page, and newsletter – is the go-to source for local food information. By helping to promote our farms and food makers we hope to strengthen our local food economy and grow eSS. I love the quote by John F Kennedy: “A rising tide floats all boats”. 

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