Summer Recipes

Sunchoke Ice Cream

1 pound sunchokes 2 cups heavy cream pinch of salt 1 cup whole milk zest from one lemon spice options: a few blades of mace, toasted in a dry pan until fragrant), or a stick of cinnamon, or a vanilla bean 6 egg yolks ¾ cup sugar...

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Summer Salad

by Sid Wainer & Son® Developed exclusively for edible South Shore & South Coast Get your fresh local produce on the table in an irresistible guise. Adapt this formula to incorporate your favorite whole grains and the...

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Jim Chappuis of My Little Bakery in Duxbury was kind enough to share the formula for his popular focaccia. The teensy amount of yeast, the rather wet dough, and the long fermentation time all contribute great flavor, big crispy...

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