Curious about edible South Shore & South Coast’s ‘back of the house’? We’ve answered many of the most commonly asked questions below. If you have additional queries please feel free to email Laurie@edibleSouthShore.com and she’ll try her best to answer. Maybe your question will end up here; if you’re curious, others may be as well.

If I advertise with you will you write about me?

A: We don’t make any type of arrangements like this. We feel that our readers, and ourselves, highly value editorial with integrity and when we make deals around our editorial coverage it compromises our ethics. We believe the...

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Who are edible advertisers?

A: At eSS&SC we seek out businesses that are aligned with our mission and we invite those businesses to advertise with us. We have a direct relationship with all of the businesses represented in eSS. While accepting an ad is...

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Does eSS&SC accept Interns?

A: Yes! We love interns and volunteers. Please send us a letter of interest that includes your current activities, availability, and background information. Please also tell us about your education, previous jobs, and goals for...

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Where do your recipes come from?

A: We gather recipes through many different channels: restaurants, home cooks, traditions, history, and we also create our own. Our head notes always explain the recipe’s provenance, if there is no credit given it is an original recipe developed by our food editor Paula Marcoux…

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Will you promote my event?

A: Yes, if your event is aligned with our mission, we’ll help promote it (as time allows). Please see our Business Social Media page for additional information on our social media marketing efforts. You can always send us your...

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Will you write about me or my business?

Have you finally left the corporate world and started your dream business? Is your business celebrating a significant anniversary? Have you added a cool new division to your existing operation? Started making a brand new...

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How can I submit an idea for an article?

Heard about a new farm?  Have a favorite jam made with local berries? In love with a restaurant dish that uses seafood caught in nearby waters? Confused about the laws on keeping small livestock in your backyard? A: Tell us...

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Where can I get a copy?

The most reliable and consistent way to get each and every edition of eSS&SC is to subscribe. One year is $32 and is delivered to you by first class mail before anyone else gets a copy. You can also visit one of our valued...

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