Fall 2021

Beet Borscht

by Sarah Bennett. Dmitrii, my fiance, is from Moldova, a small Eastern European nation whose...

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Grow Education, the New Bedford Farm to School Movement

Grow Education has been working with the New Bedford Public School System for the past eight years, providing third grade students with knowledge of their food from seed to plate. Four initiatives comprise this Farm to School movement: classroom, cafeteria, community, and gardens.

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Grist for the Mill – Hunger – Autumn 2021

Hunger—it never takes a holiday. In one of the world’s wealthiest countries, the number of food-insecure is staggering. In Massachusetts alone, there was “an overall increase in food insecurity of 55% from 2019 to 2020”...

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Our Mission

Wine is food;
spray cheese is not.
Butter’s good; margarine is just yellow gunk.
Soil beats strip malls; food gardens are preferable to lawns; farmers, chefs, and artisans are our heroes.