By Mike Gioscia.

Did he win?

Keep reading and find out

Mayflower Brewery was abuzz on December 11th as over 150 people paid close attention to a big screen TV tuned to Food Network’s “Chopped Ultimate Redemption.” Stephen Coe, the owner of the local S.W.A.T. Culinary Assault Vehicle and a former winner of America’s Hometown Throwdown chef competition, was competing on the show, his third appearance on Chopped. The curveball was that he was the only one in the building to know the outcome. “I didn’t even tell my wife how I did,” Coe said with a laugh. “The drama of the show, the expression on people’s faces, it was great,” he added.

Did he win? Keep reading and find out!

The night started two hours before the broadcast with “bites n beers,” where Coe and his team served up dishes from his S.W.A.T. Culinary Assault Vehicle; By the time the show started at nine the crowd was revved up. “I took some chances on the show, it was good TV drama, and I overcame the challenge of being too aggressive,” Coe said of his performance. “I compete all the time, it’s what I do.”

Coe made the second round of the competition and the crowd breathed a
sigh of relief, high-fiving each other like they were watching a Pats game.

Besides a celebration, the night was a fundraiser for Boston Rescue Mission and also for a 3-year-old little girl, Emerson Lucier, battling leukemia. Money raised would assist her family in defraying her medical costs. “We had the opportunity to help, so we did. The whole team was great, as was Mayflower. We love our local brewery,” Coe added.

Jeffrey Nardone, director of sales for Mayflower said, “He’s a local guy, making food for local people using local suppliers which makes him a great addition to our community.”

Coe has been cooking since he was eight years old, filling donuts at Pomeroy’s in Bridgewater with his grandfather, and he loved everything about the culinary industry. He’s worked most every kitchen job since then, always learning. He recently began training to be a Master Chef, which could take up to two years. His goal is to open his own chef school with a “karate school” concept. “There would be different levels depending on the student, with various workshops, like a modern-day home ec class and also an opportunity for local restaurants to send their cooks and chefs to be trained as well” he explained.

More cheers as Coe makes the final “Dessert Round”.

When not on TV Coe is also busy running his Defined Palate catering company as well as two new restaurants inside the Woburn Hilton: Matadora (Spanish) and The Rivet Room (modern steakhouse). How often is he at the restaurants? “I’ll be at both every day for the next two years,” he says.

A little before 10:00 pm Chopped host Ted Allen announces that Stephen Coe has WON the Chopped Redemption episode and the crowd goes wild!

“It was a great event, we raised some money, and we got to tease some new menu items too,” Coe said. Mayflower’s Nardone added, “When you see someone like Steve continuously putting himself out there to benefit the community, it’s easy to recognize how much we can all be part of helping from within.” Even when he’s not competing Stephen Coe seems to be winning.

And by the way, if a contestant makes it to the final round, those “hour long” Chopped episodes take 16 hours to film!

Matadora Restaurant

Mike Gioscia is the president of the board at The Soule Homestead in Middleboro and can be heard Monday through Thursday night’s on “Americanarama”, his radio show on 95.9 WATD.