Nettle Infused Cider Vinegar

Be free to experiment and add other early herbs into the mix. Is that garden tuft of chickweed calling you? Young dandelion greens in the meadow? Onion grass? The first sprigs of oregano and thyme? Why not!

Fill a glass vessel—at the farm we use 1-quart and ½-gallon wide-mouth Ball canning jars—as full as you can with fresh stinging nettles. Cut or tear them as needed; no need to remove stems.

Cover nettles completely with apple cider vinegar. Fasten the lid.

Leave the jar on a shelf or window sill to infuse for at least a month.

Decant the infused vinegar and use as a finishing touch on cooked dishes or as a mineral-rich, scrumptious base for vinaigrettes.

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