Cooking with Fire

Kingston Public Library and
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Paula Marcoux Cooking With Fire, January 15, 2015

Books in the Old Colony Library Network:

Marcoux, Paula. Cooking With Fire. 2014

Chiarello, Michael. Michael Chiarello’s live fire: 125 recipes for cooking outdoors. 2013.

Mugnaini, Andrea. The art of wood fired cooking. 2010.

Karlin, Mary. Wood-Fired Cooking: techniques and recipes for the grill, backyard oven, fireplace, and campfire. 2009.

Krasner, Deborah. The new outdoor kitchen: cooking up a kitchen for the way you live and play. 2007

Goldenson, Suzanne. The open-hearth cookbook: recapturing the flavor of early America. 2006.

Rubel, William. The magic of fire: hearth cooking: one hundred recipes for the fireplace or campfire. 2002.

Websites: Paula Marcoux’s website. Food leavens our lives. Techniques and recipes. Tools for food and fire.

 In The News:

Zwirn, Lisa. “Paula Marcoux’s Cooking With Fire Spans History.” Boston Globe May 20, 2014. 

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Marcoux, Paula. “Edible Backyard: Fired with Enthusiasm. Wood-fired home baking in Southeastern Massachusetts.” Edible South Shore, Winter 2009/10.

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Laurie Hepworth, Paula Marcoux, and Rosa Galeno discuss the merits of live fire cooking.


Paula Marcoux presenting

Paula Marcoux presenting images from her cookbook Cooking with Fire

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