Authentic Power

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Authentic Power

by Katherine Rossmoore

Authentically You! offers all-natural deliciousness!

“Mindful snacking for your evolving needs.”

Look for the tent of Lara Amaral’s Authentically You! Power Bars at the Marshfield or Cohasset farmers’ markets and you are likely to see a crowd gathered. Amaral’s all-natural, preservative- and GMO-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, raw, vegan, organic snacks are not only the real deal in terms of health food, but they taste delicious. Lara likes to give out samples so people can taste for themselves. Her products come in two primary types, power bars and macaroons; both come in a wide variety of scrumptious flavors. One of Amaral’s popular products is the Triple-Berry Walnut Power Square, made with the super antioxidant goji berry, mulberries, and walnuts, all sourced organically. Other popular squares include Blueberry Pecan, Cranberry Pecan, Cashew Date, and Cranberry Almond. The macaroons (like the Power Squares, sold in re-sealable biodegradable packaging), come in flavors such as Vanilla Bean-Infused, Banana, and Mocha. The chocolate is pure cacao paste with preservative-free extracts. Look for new flavors each week. Amaral’s products are also available at Front Street Gourmet in Scituate. Offering “mindful snacking for your evolving needs,” Authentically You! serves up pure deliciousness!

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