A New Home for Plymouth Farmers’ Market

A New Home for the Plymouth Farmers’ Market

 By Sasha Laferte

After much debate, deliberation, and anticipation as to where it will be held, the Plymouth Farmers’ Market is celebrating its ninth outdoor season at its new Plimoth Plantation home. In the farmers’ market tradition, expect fresh produce as well as local cheeses, homemade jams and preserves, artisan crafts, and baked goods. The market will continue to carry on its own local tradition of providing additional entertainment by including storytellers, demonstrations, and live music into the market’s mix.

After many generous, private offers, the market advisory board settled on holding the market at Plimoth Plantation. The idea of furthering the connection of food and history through the farmers’ market’s location was a prime factor.

They hope to use Plimoth Plantation as a way not only to educate and come in touch with the historical roots of the town, but also with the local food taking root there as well. The importance of the town’s agricultural history is stressed at Plimoth Plantation through the people of the living history exhibit’s willingness to share with visitors what they are growing and how they are growing it. This is exactly the kind of willingness the market has also always promoted.

We are delighted to welcome Plymouth Farmers’ Market to Plimoth Plantation,” said Executive Director, Ellie Donovan. “Farming is an integral part of Plymouth history – and an essential part of this Museum’s exhibits – so this collaboration makes sense. We are looking forward to a fun, educational, and bountiful season ahead! Welcome to our hearth and our fields.” Veteran farmers have also expressed their excitement for the new location.

The collaboration between both the market and the plantation is expected to be mutually beneficial as both groups stress the importance of taking a hands-on approach to experiencing healthy food and local living. They hope to enrich and give depth to each other in new, unexplored ways.

Hopefully this new location will help retain old traditions, friends and connections, while strengthening the awareness of local food that it promotes and sense of community it forges.

The Department of Agriculture and Department of Transitional Assistance grant awarded to the market in 2011 (to fund EBT/SNAP redemption) will be continued this year along with the WIC and Senior Coupon program.

Plymouth Farmer’s market’s opening day celebration, June 7th from 2:30 to 6:30, opens with the traditional cowbell. The new location has ample parking, is handicap accessible, and can be accessed by GATRA bus.

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