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Cherry Bounce

Cherry Bounce by Paula Marcoux Ever try any of the tiny wild cherries that weigh down our American or Pin Cherry trees around the start of August? Chances are that you spat out the bitter-skinned, not-very-juicy fruit as quickly as possible. So, they’re not great eating, but they can, with time and technique, make an […]

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Mind Your Sprouts

By Julia Powers Most people are aware of sprouts well-deserved reputation as a health food. Sprouts are high in protein, a good source of vitamins C, A and K and contain a wide range of phytochemicals. But, sprouts also have a more troublesome reputation. In recent years, they have been found to be the culprit […]

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Got Gouda?

Don’t forget about the cheese… and cured meats… and antipasti! Just in time for your 4th of July soirees, eSS intern, Meridith Lippard, shares her experience on a recent trip to Hingham’s Bloomy Rind. Stay tuned for her follow up post to the last South Shore Locavore meeting all about  – you guessed it – […]

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Devour the Enemy, Part 2

by Paula Marcoux Unless you are Colombian, you’re probably unfamiliar with the delicious chicken and potato stew called ajiaco; but, then again, if you’re a farmer here in southeastern New England, chances are that you are more than acquainted with its distinctive ingredient, Galinsoga parviflora. Where it has been introduced (usually in a load of […]

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Local, Healthy and Soul-Satisfying

by edible South Shore Intern, Meri Lippard  On a cold and dreary May day, Sauchuk Farmstand in Plympton, MA seemed like the place to get my fix of summer eating. The quintessential summer food in New England is corn, but tomatoes are the close runner up. All the produce used in my salad recipe is […]

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Pudding on Airs: Delmonico Pudding

by Paula Marcoux Back to the Plymouth Antiquarian Society archives for another mid-nineteenth-century recipe. Somehow “Delmonico Pudding” radiated from America’s toniest, most exciting, restaurant into an anonymous Plymouth Antiquarian Society manuscript, where it shares a page a bit uncomfortably with some local stalwarts (“Snow Jelly” and “Molasses Cookies”). Opening in the 1830s in Manhattan, Delmonico’s […]

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SSL Wrap Up: Drink Local

Did you hear? eSS has a new intern! Read all about Meri’s first experience at a South Shore Locavore gathering below (girl takes copious notes!). To be or not to be a Locavore?, that is the question I asked myself on the drive over to the Beal House in Kingston, MA where the Locavore meeting […]

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Rain, Rain, Go Away…

adorable photo borrowed from THIS blog Okay, so none of us are enjoying all this rain. We don’t want to complain, but darn it we want to play outside! There are many that like to say the rain is good for crops, but you kind of have to wonder… “Is there such thing as too […]

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Devour the Enemy

by Paula Marcoux Okay, so we’ll never entirely win the war against rampant honeysuckle, bittersweet, and burning bush, but, in a very good argument for picking our battles, we can beat out at least one invasive plant, and to the victor goes a damn good stir-fry. One of our more pernicious invasives here in southeastern […]

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SSL Wrap Up: Raw Food

In keeping with edible South Shore’s spring issue, last week’s South Shore Locavore Gathering was all about RAW FOOD. I have dabbled in the raw diet as a “cleanse” but was always pretty sure I wasn’t “doing it right”, so I was excited to learn more about it. I won’t bore you with a full […]

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