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Trucchi’s Turning Ninety

Trucchi’s 90th Anniversary t-shirts are already being worn by personnel and customers. The t-shirts are being shipped to friends and family as far away as California, France, and Francavilla Bisio, Italy. They boast Trucchi’s “Your Hometown Store” on the front and “90 YEARS” under the Trucchi’s heart logo appropriately printed on each sleeve. “2018 A […]

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Chocolate: A Rich Massachusetts Tradition

by Marjorie R. Williams. Exploring the topic of chocolate is like entering a universe of its own. The options for chocolate are endless, and so too the appetites. Happily, one needn’t travel far to satisfy them. Within the United States, chocolate history began in Massachusetts. (more…)

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A New Home for Plymouth Farmers’ Market

A New Home for the Plymouth Farmers’ Market  By Sasha Laferte After much debate, deliberation, and anticipation as to where it will be held, the Plymouth Farmers’ Market is celebrating its ninth outdoor season at its new Plimoth Plantation home. In the farmers’ market tradition, expect fresh produce as well as local cheeses, homemade jams and […]

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Morel Mania

Morel ManiaBy Eugenia Bone   I have traveled all over the country in order to pick morel mushrooms. If I ever did the math, I would probably find out I was paying a lot more by hunting them than if I just bought them from a store. But then I’d miss out on the profound […]

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Future of the Plymouth Farmers' Market

Future of the Plymouth Farmers’ Market The town of Plymouth has an opportunity to consolidate the tremendous boon handed to it in the last eight years by free-lance farmers’ market creator Barbara Anglin. But like most opportunities, there’s that tricky risk – can we find a path that is right for the future of our […]

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~recipe from the moms of Sally Forrest and Cate Sullivan Trish Gillis’s school friends. See three filling options below Click here to read our Whoppie Pie article by Trish Gillis & Jenn Gorius Gosselin 2 cup unsifted all-purpose flour⅓ cup unsweetened cocoa1 teaspoon baking soda¼ teaspoon salt¾ cup milk1 teaspoon vanilla extract1 egg⅓ cup vegetable […]

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What Is Sustainability?

by Kezia Bacon-Bernstein There’s been a lot of talk about sustainability lately – but what exactly is it? The word has become part of the lexicon, but I know I’m not the only one scratching my head wondering what it means. Sustainability is a concept that addresses the overall well-being of the planet and the […]

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New Bark Mulch Treatment System

************** By Sam Butcher When you visit the farm on farm day, you might notice what appears to be a large mound of bark mulch in the corner of a field.  This is Historic O’Neil Farm’s new Bark Mulch Treatment System for treating the liquid waste associated with producing milk. With the help of two […]

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Irene and Agriculture

  We hope you all weathered last weekend’s storm with minimal damage to your house, cars and loved ones! It seems as though most people have finally had their power restored (after a very long week). Though loss of power and a few nuisance branches were the worst of it for most, farmers were not […]

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