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How can I become a writer/photographer for eSS&SC?

A: Writers: we use freelance writers for all editorial, if you have an article idea, please send a query letter to outlining the details of your idea. At this time, our writers contribute their work because they are passionate about their subject, are building their portfolio, and want to support eSS; currently remuneration is […]

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Will you promote my event?

A: Yes, if your event is aligned with our mission, we’ll help promote it (as time allows). Please see our Business Social Media page for additional information on our social media marketing efforts. You can always enter your events on our website calendar. We review all events for integrity and formatting. If approved the event […]

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Will you write about me or my business?

Have you finally left the corporate world and started your dream business? Is your business celebrating a significant anniversary? Have you added a cool new division to your existing operation? Started making a brand new product? Discover a new way to do something? A: We’d love to hear about it. Please email with your […]

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How can I submit an idea for an article?

Heard about a new farm? Have a favorite jam made with local berries? In love with a restaurant dish that uses seafood caught in nearby waters? Confused about the laws on keeping small livestock in your backyard? A: Tell us about it; we would love for you to let us know what you’d like to […]

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Why is eSS&SC free? It’s such a great magazine. How do you make money?

A: Advertisers and subscribers make it possible for eSS to help build the food community of Southeastern Massachusetts. We engage and entertain our readers while educating them on the importance of celebrating and purchasing locally grown food and patronizing locally owned businesses. We do this through our printed magazine (edible South Shore), our eSS website, […]

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