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Tonic for the Masses

By Marek Kulig. Walk a local South Coast or South Shore farm, or any New England farm for that matter, and you’ll pass the regulars: cabbage, carrots, kale, cranberries, winter squash, various herbs. They’ve had their places reserved in the dirt in these parts for a long time. But there’s a new plant come around, […]

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The Parsnip…Carrot’s Forgotten Cousin

By N. E. Sheehan. The parsnip, a member of the carrot family, is sometimes called “anemic” because of its whitish color. But don’t let its pale appearance fool you: this tasty root vegetable holds some powerhouse flavor, great fiber, and is considered a densely nutritious, high-energy food. Parsnips are rich in vitamins B, C, and […]

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Ostreophile within Us ~ The Oyster Lover

By Peter Houghton.   “An oyster, sir, is one of the elements of social existence, a delicacy of no age, sex, or condition, but patent to the universal family of man…Good in a scallop, better in a stew, best of all in the shell…” –A Crustaceous Tour, Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine. Volume 44. 1838 aka The […]

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Dinner is Served

By Julia Powers. What does dinnertime look like at your house? Is it like a Norman Rockwell painting, with the family gathered around the table enjoying a nutritious, home-cooked meal and reconnecting after a busy day? These days…not likely! For many families, this type of dinner seems out of reach. Parents work long days only […]

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Turn up the Beet

By Kendra Murray.   Beets. I just cannot get enough of those sweet, earthy roots. The taste, the rich, deep red color, and the fact that you can find them locally ALL THE TIME have me hooked. There’s nothing better than knowing my favorite fresh, local food is available nearly every month of the year. […]

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Santos Family Farm

By Rui Santos. Kingston has witnessed significant changes over the last 75 years. Much of the woodlots and open space that was plentiful in the 1950s has disappeared, given over to housing of various descriptions. Prior to 1970, there was considerable undeveloped land, yet no large-scale piece of it was in meaningful agricultural production. Ship-building […]

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Couch Potato Winter 2018

By spud b. Turnip Pascale Beale’s latest culinary treat, Les Légumes: Vegetable Recipes from the Market Table (the third in the Market Table series), revels in cooking with vegetables throughout the seasons. Grouped by key ingredients in 12 chapters, with stunning full-page photos of every recipe, delightful anecdotes, practical tips, and uncomplicated recipes that work […]

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Fishing Around

Eat Locally, Fish Globally By Suzette Martinez Standring. Ah, the wonders of the deep. Why not go beyond the predictability of cod, salmon, and haddock? In Southeastern Massachusetts, fresh fish lovers can discover the glories of grouper, mackerel, and red snapper. But where to go to buy? I grew up in a Filipino family in […]

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By Katie Callahan. Our seasonal New England climate means that most of us hang up our shovels and rakes, coil up the hose, and put away our gardening gloves for the winter (and, if you’re like me, immediately begin plotting out next year’s garden). But if you’re not quite ready to give up the bounty […]

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