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Got Chew?

Here’s a sundry list of things greater New Bedford residents can do while food delivery startup, GotChew, shortens the distance between locals and their favorite meals: Begin reading Moby Dick, carefully; Water the houseplants, the garden, take the dog for a walk; Relax in an easy chair, watch an episode of the latest, raved-about, half-hour […]

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Grist for the Mill Holiday 2017

Holiday Cheers! Holiday traditions are steeped in love and lore, creating stories and memories that span the decades. Many of these traditions revolve around food: specific dishes annually brought to the table either as fan favorites or in touching deference to a passed family member. Months of patience, days of preparation, long nights of intricate […]

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Drink Local • Beer Scene • Plymouth Hopping

Visitors flock to Plymouth every year in search of historically accurate depictions of the first settlers, a mock-up of a famous ship, and a large rock. If a group of brewing food-enthusiasts is right (they are), beer and food tourism are the next big crest for America’s Hometown. As the holidays swirl around us, and […]

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Locavore Abroad • Dining with the King

Regal Parmigiano Reggiano’s deliciousness is rivaled only by its versatility. Everybody loves parm. It’s on just about every neighborhood Italian restaurant table there is. It’s a staple in nearly all lasagna recipes (mine included). No self-respecting Caesar salad would be caught dead without it. Parmigiano Reggiano is one of the most ubiquitous cheeses in our […]

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by Paula Marcoux Once upon a time, in my town of Plymouth, there was a charmed island kingdom, peopled with capable, active and humane residents. Fishers and farmers, the islanders lived by the tides, the sun, and the wind. Lore-keepers, they knew and could tell the story of the place, its pastures, trees and waters. […]

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Liquid Assets • Holiday Cheers

Drinks made with local ingredients liven up the holidays. Nothing is better at the holidays than welcoming friends and family into your home for a well-cooked meal, laughs, and sharing stories. Generally, the holidays are a time to pull out all the stops and there isn’t a better way to impress your guests (and really […]

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A Food Web: Weaving Together Food Security for All

Local farms and government agencies creatively address food security. If the average consumer is disconnected from the origins of their food, that disconnect is even greater for those consumers who lack reliable access to food on a regular basis. Despite the renaissance of local agriculture, choosing local and seasonal food is still a privilege reserved […]

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Bristol Aggie

Agricultural high school in Bristol County keeps the farming dream alive! Located on 300 acres in Dighton, MA, mere yards from the Taunton River, lies the pastoral campus of the Bristol County Agricultural High School. But for any student, teacher, staff member, alum, 4-H’er, local resident, or area farmer, simply calling it Bristol Aggie will […]

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Edible Musing • Grateful

by Monica O’Malley-Taveres Photo: Courtesy of Monica O’Malley-Tavares The leaves have been raked, and the garden laid to rest. I’ve tucked overflowing baskets of mittens and cozy hats by the door. The chill of late fall and early winter brings a wave of inspiring holiday nostalgia. Thanksgiving and Christmas offer the promise of tangible feasts […]

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