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by Paula Marcoux Maintaining food traditions when you have migrated to a new country takes a lot of dedication and hard work, even today, when most any ingredient or equipment can be shipped to your door from the other side of the world. For Og Lim, whose Plymouth home is very distant in so many […]

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Homesteading in Action

Garden to Garnish in Hanson is a former apple orchard turned farm and apiary. Home to local chef Tina Conte and her partner Jennifer Collett, they provide local residents and businesses with honey, eggs, and specialized seasonal produce. The farm focuses on organic practices to grow a diverse and sustainable series of seasonal crops. Tina […]

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Food for Thought: Blackberries & Yogurt

by Sam Butcher I prepare a simple breakfast on a summer morning, a bowl of blackberries over a generous scoop of yogurt. Fresh-picked and rinsed, the berries glisten in the bowl. I ignore small imperfections, the discoloration that might send store-bought fare into the trash. What garden berries lack in uniformity and cosmetic appeal, they […]

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Homesteading Lite

by Julia Powers Like many young girls, I was enthralled by The Little House on the Prairie books. With my nose buried in the familiar yellow book jackets, I spent countless hours reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s tales of her family’s pioneering ways. The books opened up a whole new world for me (one far beyond […]

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Edible Musings: Change

by Monica O’Malley-Tavares Photo: Monica O’Malley-Tavares It’s early on a Saturday and I am anxious to get outside. Garden boots pulled on. Screen door resounding in the distance. My feet carry me with determination through heavy morning dew. Shadows from an autumn sun crawl long and insistently from the stone walls bordering our farmhouse. They […]

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Couch Potato: Homestead Kitchen

by Eve and Eivin Kilcher Reviewed by Jayne Guitart Westwinds Bookshop, Duxbury Eve and Eivin Kilcher may be best known as the co-stars of Alaska: The Last Frontier, an American reality series currently in its sixth season on the Discovery Channel. The show documents the extended Kilcher family, descendants of Swiss immigrant and Alaskan pioneer […]

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Slaughter House 2017

edible Notable by Julia Powers In our summer 2015 edition we explored slaughterhouses, a seldom-discussed link in our food supply chain. In the article, we examined how growing demand for locally raised meat has strained the capacity of Massachusetts’ only two USDA inspected meat-processing facilities. As a result, farmers now face increasingly long wait times […]

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Something Ventured Something Grained

edible Notable by Pamela Denholm George Lewis of Ventura Grain offers quality feeds Every Day! We are a “salt of the earth” bunch, we eaters of local food and homesteaders. We shop local because we are all about “the little guy” and robust communities that have character. We like knowing the names of our farmers, […]

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Chef Sense: Pantry Staples

by Katie Callahan Ask any chef and they’ll tell you that one of the keys to successful cooking is a well-stocked pantry; stocking said pantry with as many locally sourced ingredients as possible is even better. Here are seven local staples to start your locavore journey en route to a homesteading kitchen. Please Note: This […]

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