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turning lemons into lemonade

by Teresa Foley and Paula Marcoux Marshfield’s Magical Moon Foundation is transforming a disused dairy farm into a garden of hope for young people battling cancer. Founder Donna Green, helped by a cadre of volunteers, is creating a place for children who have undergone difficult treatments to thrive in a positive and nurturing atmosphere. Magical […]

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Soil Testing: A Foundation For Healthy Soils

by Derek Christianson Over the last 60 years the United States has experienced a significant decline in the nutritional value of our fruitsand vegetables1; this decline is a result of both soil degradation and poor genetics. Thankfully, there are simple stepshome gardeners and commercial farmers can take to reverse this trend. By taking an active […]

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Garden Coaches

by Marjorie R. Williams For those who want a vegetable garden but are nervous about beginning, fearful of failure, or overwhelmed bythe choices, consider this resource. A new crop of helpers are sprouting up—gardening coaches—who will come to your home and help with whatever you need, from assessing where best to plant to advising on […]

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edible backyard

A Midsummer Day’s Dream:Planting Your Own Vegetable Garden by Marjorie R. Williams Summer solstice has already passed and despite your best intentions, you haven’t even begun to plant vegetables yet.If this sounds like your life (and mine), don’t despair. It’s not too late to get started and still enjoy ample harvests.First, decide whether you’re going […]

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liquid Assets

Cherry Bounceby Paula Marcoux Ever try any of the tiny wild cherries that weigh down our American or Pin Cherry trees around the start ofAugust? Chances are that you spat out the bitter-skinned, not-very-juicy fruit as quickly as possible. So, they’re not great eating, but they can, with time and technique, make an incredibly good […]

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The Grass Really is Greener A Primer on Grass-Fed Beef

The Grass Really is Greener: A Primer on Grass-Fed Beef by S. Terry Vandewater We’re hearing a lot about grass-fed beef these days. How it’s better for the consumer, better for the cows, better for the environment. It seems as though it’s the new, up-and-coming trend. But grassfed beef has been around since cattle were […]

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fresh & Local

How Sweet they are…Summer Strawberries!by Kristen LofstromOur world is exploding with color. Everything seems dazzling and more vibrant now that summertime is finally here. Our every sense is on high alert. We hear it. We smell it. We see it. We feel it. We taste it in the succulent summerberries that are now ripe for […]

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feeding the Community

Farm to Table, Between the Soil and the Sky by Marjorie R. Williams Imagine sitting under the stars at a long linen-draped table overlooking Buzzards Bay on a summer evening, your feet planted on the same soil that gave rise to the food on your plate, surrounded by genial neighbors, savoring a feast that was […]

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Snug Harbor Fish Company

The one thing you won’t smell when you walk into Dianna Dudley-Shannon’s Snug Harbor Fish Company is fish. Instead, you’ll smell clean, salty air reminiscent of a cool, onshore breeze. That is because Dianna sells the freshest seafood and shellfish our local waters have to offer, and truly fresh fish smells like the ocean. Dianna’s […]

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Food for Thought

Local? Organic? Consider the Sourceby Kezia Bacon-Bernstein When you are trying to make good choices about what you eat—shopping the perimeter of the supermarket,avoiding heavily processed products, favoring farmers markets—it is often clear which foods are healthier than others. “100% fruit juice” has more nutritional value than “fruit drink.” Fresh vegetables contain more antioxidants thancanned. […]

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