Silver Bullet of Marketing Success: Consistency

Silver Bullet of Marketing Success: Consistency
by Trish Gillis
A restaurant wanting to be known for fine dining and romantic dinners – should not promote “Clown Night” with balloon animals and party games, right? A retail location intending to differentiate from the competition by offering exemplary customer service –  well, should not be rude. Seems obvious, but watch businesses you engage with to see if they are consistent.
Your Consistency: A Starting Point Exercise
Think of how you position your business – how you describe your business to a stranger. Then write down 5-10 adjectives to describe your goals for your business to achieve that position. Post your list on your computer monitor or your register.  Share with your employees.
As you make decisions about your business, look at those adjectives to measure your business. This is where it may get tricky. Someone could offer a really fun idea! Simply ask yourself if the idea measures up to your goal-adjectives.
A Less Obvious Place to Manage Consistency
Many companies use Facebook Business Pages to promote their business – an excellent marketing execution for most businesses. Once you set up your Facebook Page – be consistent!  What consistency means here:

  • Check your Page EVERY day. You created it as an advertisement and to build your community. Your community “likes” your page to join you. Don’t disappoint them. Respond to them. If someone asks a question, reply to them on the Page (even if you know their email address). Other people may have the same question. For example, someone may ask your holiday hours. Isn’t that a question you would want to answer when it is posted?  Share information about your business in a timely and consistent manner.
  • Post regular Status Updates to your Facebook Page. Tell your community you care and your business offers them value. Your update and logo will appear on your community’s Facebook homepage, reminding them (consistently) about you. Post specials. Unsure what to write? Look at your goal-objectives. If you have neighborly/local on your list, post a status update that reflects local news (congratulate the local high school on a big sports win, for example). “Creative” is on your list?  Post a photo of your product that is … creative! Post regularly so your Facebook community knows you are open for business – if your last Facebook update was 3 months ago, they may wonder if it is worth the trip to see you and go to your competitor instead!


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