Good Customer Service is Great Marketing

Good Customer Service is Great Marketing
by Trish Gillis

The first time I opened my front door during one of these legendary winter storms, I expected to find the Boston Globe under a pile of snow on my front steps. That was my anticipated best-case scenario. This is what I found: thenewspaper is TRIPLE bagged and attached to my doorknob with a rubber band. My delivery person, Joe, left my newspaper like this every snow storm.
I took a photo and posted on Facebook and Twitter. Each received attention and comments. No one else experienced this level of customer service. A few commented they didn’t know if their newspaper was even delivered, since they couldn’t find it. Or expected it would be found in the spring.
Joe went the extra steps to provide great customer service. We tipped generously – wouldn’t you? So Joe directly benefited. He indirectly benefited when his employer, the Boston Globe, increased the subscription rates again. We considered canceling: we chose to stick with Joe.
Every person that works for you markets your business. Every transaction is a marketing opportunity. Actions to consider:

  1. Create an ‘on-boarding’ checklist for new employees. When business is good, people move fast. Ensure that everyone is on the same page that they embody your brand from the beginning of their employment with you. The success of your business relies on their representation.  This is especially important if your business relies on young employees or experiences high turnover.
  2. Share successful stories of how to creatively serve your customers. Collect employee’s email addresses and send them an informal customer service “alert.” How great would it be it the Boston Globe shared with their other drivers Joe’s genius newspaper delivery technique?
  3. Create an employee incentive program to reward great customer service. Appreciate those moments and applaud.
  4. Be clear on your website how people can reach you to offer feedback. If someone is unhappy with the customer service they receive, they may want to tell you. Make it easy.  If they have to search for how to offer feedback, they may just take their complaint online via social media.

Empower your employees to provide great customer service. This is a personal favorite, as an employee and a customer. Knowing I could solve an issue and my employer will have my back was a confidence builder. As a customer, having my point of contact provide me with what I need or want is a fantastic experience. One I bragged about – when Joe triple-bagged my newspaper and secured it to my door with a rubber band during a blizzard.

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