Brand Building with edible SOUTH SHORE

Brand Building with edible SOUTH SHORE
by Trish Gillis

Print advertising is a powerful medium. Readers literally hold your business’ message in their hand! To maximize every print advertising opportunity, consider the following in your ad creative:

  • Prioritize your message. It will help you make decisions on what to emphasize and what to leave off the print advertisement. The simpler the better, so determine the most important message you would like to convey in your print ad.
  • Include an image or an illustration in your creative to attract the reader to YOUR print ad on the page.
  • Include a call to action. What do you want people to do when they see your ad? Visit your website – then include the web address prominently. Order over the phone – include your phone number prominently. Simply ask yourself what you want people to do, then tell them how to do it.
  • White space is a very good design feature in your creative. White space is the area that includes margins and any area without content that provides a framework for your message. It is hard to make choices of content to leave in or remove; keep in mind the old adage: less is more. Consider the power of white space to lure people to your print ad.
Consider the format of the publication when considering a couponing opportunity. A reader would be more likely to cut a coupon out of the newspaper or flyer than a collectible magazine like edible SOUTH SHORE, a special events program, or a Playbill. Those are fantastic ad venues to build your brand as a member of the community but Tommy’s parents are never going to cut up the graduation program for the coupon inside and you may feel that ad failed. (note: eSS is working on couponing opportunities through their website and newsletters, please see the next Market for details.)

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