Beyond the Ad

Marketing with edible SOUTH SHORE
By Meridith Lippard and Laurie Hepworth

Advertise in edible South Shore and receive so much more than an ad in a food magazine; gain exposure to a group of active, healthy people who are interested in a eating well, being outdoors, supporting their community, and living a more sustainable lifestyle. By utilizing the Magazine as a marketing tool, you reach an established and avid fan base and immediately align your business with the important Locavore movement. Fans of eSS have a passion for good food and wholesome living; they are searching for like-minded businesses. Use edible South Shore as a venue to find them. Put your business’s advertisement at the fingertips of these voracious readers and eaters.

The following are examples of some of the clever ways our advertisers use edible South Shore as a marketing tool.

  • Place a small sticker that reads “Compliments of Xyz Business” on the front cover of the latest issue. Take advantage of a great opportunity to out your name in front of the public and give your business double the exposure. Rather like a pen with your imprint but much more valuable.
  • Hand edible South Shore out at events with your business card tucked inside. Our engaging covers attract people’s attention so they will impulsively pick up a copy.
  • If you offer a delivery service, like South Shore Organics of Duxbury, or offer a weekly CSA box, place a copy of edible South Shore alongside of your product. Your customer will essentially receive a free subscription to the magazine, an engaging bonus to your offerings. Promote this as a benefit of signing up for your service.
  • Follow Morrison’s Home and Garden’s lead and promote that you are part of the edible South Shore community, are aligned with the locavore movement, and that your business provides free copies of eSS on your website.
  • Clip a logoed pen onto the magazine or staple on a package of free seeds (like Pillsbury Florist of Bridgewater). Create a display that reads: Free with Purchase. Everyone loves to get something for free.
  • Make use of social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to tell your fans when the new issue arrives. Give them another reason to visit your business.
  • If you are having a promotion or a special event, place your flyer inside the magazine (as the Hingham Farmers’ Market has done successfully). People are more likely to take a copy of edible South Shore than a single sheet handout.

We encourage you take advantage of your association with edible South Shore and think outside the marketing box. Please use the magazine to build your name and reputation as a forward-thinking business that is aligned with community values. 

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