Advertising Considerations: Reach and Frequentcy

Advertising Considerations: Reach and Frequentcy
by Trish Gillis
To effectively advertise your business, consider the reach and frequency of the various media outlets availble in your area. Determine who you want to reach. You may define your reach as your demographic (age, sex, household income, etc.) and/or by psychographic grouping (over simplifying, who they are and why they buy). Define your reach as tightly as you can if you have a limited budget so you are more likely to reach the people who will do business with you.
A focused reach versus mass appeal (Example: newspapers) coupled with frequency will get your message to your prospective buyer. Your message should be communicated to your targeted audience (reach) at least 3 times (frequency). The message should be consistent.
edible SOUTH SHORE reaches a passionate, loyal audience. Their psychographics include people that “belong” to various groups: people in your community, “foodies,” people concerned about their environment, people who genuinely wish to support businesses that care about the same things they do.

How to maximize your ad in edible SOUTH SHORE is with frequency and consistency. Determine ad creative that you could use multiple times – perhaps change the copy to reflect the change in seasons. Ideally, the overall design should remain consistent at least 3 placements in the magazine.

Thomas Smith wrote a pamphlet entitled Successful Advertising, in 1885 that stated “The third time, he is conscious of its existence.” Research through the decades since have reaffirmed this statement. If you are unable to commit to frequency, your account executive will offer fantastic promotional ideas to enhance your ad buy exposure. Consider these promotional suggestions to emphasize your involvement in the local community, whether you can place more than one ad or not.

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